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Lincoln Country's population is growing, and we're the folks who build the roads that get people in and out of their properties.

We've cleared paths through uncut timber, removed boulders, graded surfaces, spread gravel, and coordinated with others for unique surfaces such as asphalt.

In spring and fall, we take on damaged road surfaces. Some need a scrape with our grader, a layer of gravel, and a pounding so that nothing moves. Others need a profile change and new ditching so that water drains away.



Let's transform your backyard into a personal paradise. We can move and remove trees and dirt so that everything drains. We build rock walls, paths, and patios. We bring in gravel and river rock for beautiful trails and walkways as well as healthy topsoil for flower gardens. We can even install a waterfall or fountain!

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Spring is when we all look at the melting snow and imagine life outdoors in the comfort and beauty of manicured lawns, thriving gardens, smooth paths, patios with a fire pit, and maybe a fountain or waterfall.

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Everything underground

A few years back, Ralph and Charlotte realized that Ralph's mother was getting on in years and could no longer live on her own. So they decided to build a cabin for her just a short distance from their home.


We helped them out by digging the trenches and laying the pipe that connected the cabin's water and electricity with the main house.

We also installed the cabin's septic system.

Everything Undeground

Aggregate delivery

& placement

Spring is in the air! The snow is thawing, the birds are starting to chirp, AND YOUR DRIVEWAY IS A SKATING RINK!

Okay, so you got beyond the ice and are now in a true thaw. LOOK! POTHOLES! AND THEY'RE HUGE!

We can take care of all these problems.


Got ice? We've got sand and gravel and will spread it over your skating rink so you're no longer looking at medical bills. 

Got potholes? No problem. We've got sand and gravel. We'll plug those axle-breakers and keep your vehicles out of the shop.

Call us now so you can really enjoy the weather!

Aggregate delivery
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Beautiful lawns and gardens spring from the quality of great topsoil. We have what you need. Get it yourself or have us deliver and spread for you. We do everything except seed and plant.

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